1100 AD

1100 AD

Game category: Simulations Strategies

1100AD is a free strategy game that you can play online. The action takes place in medieval times, where you control areas and fight for your city. It is a good solution for people who like to play directly in the web-browser. The task is to build new cities and develop them. Fight for new lands and protect your goods. You can use power, diplomacy or trade.

Try to be the best, do all you can to create the biggest and powerful medieval empire. Remember to search for resources: coal, iron, stone, calcium, cut trees and build your castle to increase your strength. Build new types of buildings to make life easier and better. The most important thing is to have a good army. Recruit invincible commanders to lead your army to the victories.

Play 1100AD for free and declare war on the neighbors or remain neutral.

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