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Play Aion for free and enter that stunning World of Atreia, full of mysteries to solve. The game is characterized by really great graphics, and advanced multiplayer mode. Environment is unique and has a lot of fantasy regions to explore. Aion is a RPG adventure game, so it is necessary to work on your character, learn new things, build your equipment and develop all the time. It is possible to choose own profession.

Aion allows you to have a spectacular battles. You can fight one-on-one or in bigger groups. During the combat you can use many kind of combos, skill chains, counterattacks, and great aerial tactics to defeat the enemies. The game gives you a huge area to explore, there are quests to perform on six terrain zones and a city. Take part in more than 3900 story-driven quests.

It is a great place where you can play online with your friends. Take advantage of cooperation and team work. It is much easier to fight in groups, the chances of win are higher. Moreover you can find a pet that can assist you during the craft, guard or help you in a fight.

Play Aion for free and have fun in that fantasy world.

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