Big Farm

Big Farm

Game category: Simulations Strategies

Big Farm is probably the most popular farming simulation currently available on the Internet. The game is free and it works in a Web browser, it is not necessary to download big files and install them on your computer. Manage your own farm, plan development, raise animals and plants, try to beat the competition.

Big Farm offers plenty of tasks to perform, as a farmer you need to keep in mind. As the owner of the great company you need to plant and cultivate plants, take care of fruits and vegetables, breed and feed the animals. Collected grain you can grind in the mill, then you get the flour or feed for your pets. Management must be thought out, everything should lead to the development of a farm and upgrade.

Collect the harvest, trade, earned money spend for expansion and replacement of equipment. Wait until the animals get bigger, do everything so fruits and vegetables are ripe and valuable. Waste and leftovers from the breeding can be used as fertilizer. Do so nothing is wasted, reach maximum earnings necessary to hire additional workers and helpers.

Play Big Farm for free, make alliances with other holdings, it is easier to achieve success in a group.

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