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Bitefight is a free frightening game, it tells the story of fight between the Werewolves and Vampires. Your participation may be decisive for the duel. Bitefight offers some races, one of them are Werewolves. They have a brutal and very predatory behavior, this is due to the fact that they rarely feel the pain. Ther are made to create chaos and great desolation. On the other hand we have Vampires feeding on fresh blood. They hunt their prey using all the senses, agility and cunning. They are said to be the kings of the night.

Choose your favorite class and delve into the terrifying world of Bitefight. Despite the fact that you are a Vampire or Werewolf you have to watch out for attacks by mysterious creatures. The world is full of monsters and strange creatures lurking on the power and wealth that you have. Your fate depends on the courage and cunning, do everything to survive another day. Sharpen your senses and listen for the upcoming demons.

Bitefight offers many challenges, try to beat the as many players as possible, use a lot of interesting bonuses. Your achievements are visible in public rankings, try to be higher than your opponents. To increase your strength, join the clan and fight in a group of friends.

Play Bitefight for free today and fight with beasts online.

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