Broken Realm

Broken Realm

Game category: RPG

Broken Realm is a free online game, which you can play having only web browser. It is a good game for people who like MMORPG genre. You don’t have to download files and install anything on your PC. Just register for free and join other players online. Broken Realm is a sequel of Crystal Saga game, it offers much better graphics and developed storyline.

The game offers you some basic classes you can choose at the beginning: Paladin, Barbarian, Archer and Mage. Each of the class has own sub-classes. For example in Barbarian class we have Berserker, Lord and Veteran. Create your own character and learn new things during the play. It is possible to reach a lot of live levels. The longer you play and have more skills, the higher level you represent.

The world of Broken Realm was almost perfect, it was a golden age with global peace and prosperity. Everyone was happy, people enjoyed with life. But now the throne went to warrior queen Hitomi VII. The world has changed…

Explore areas, meet other players, fight with enemies and try to survive as long as you can. Play Broker Realm for free right now!

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