Conquer x 2

Conquer x 2

Game category: Simulations Strategies

Very popular series of strategy games was called C&C, which is Command and Counqer. The main task was to fight with enemies, manage and conquering new lands. A new online game Conquer x 2 focuses on the more exciting of those things: to conquer. Therefore, the title of the game is being developed as a Conquer and Conquer.

Stand on the battlefield and compete against other online players. A large dose of military aggression is actually indispensable. This does not mean that the game is reduced to mindless attack of the enemy. On the contrary. If the result of your IQ test is really low, you do not have a business here. However, if you are sure of your intellectual capabilities, this excellent browser game is a great thing to play.

Climbing to the top of highscore will not be easy, but definitely exciting. Just look at the arsenal of your disposal. You have twelve unique spacecraft that can be used to attack and dominate other players. Each military unit has strengths and weaknesses. Before using any of them, think is that a good strategic solution. Find out the best plan and move to maximally effective action. Maybe you want to conquer without using violence? It also can be done. Effective diplomacy, trade and industry can help you achieve success.

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