Forge Of Empires

Forge Of Empires

Game category: Strategies

Forge of Empires is a popular online strategy, where you can play for free via a Web browser. The Forge Of Empires is about building your own city and developing it in time. The game offers the following history periods, starting from the stone age. Each of the epochs offers specific objects and resources.

Upsize your city, transform it over time into the great Kingdom. Remember about the army and security against attacks. Plan a great war campaigns, think how to conquer new areas not using all of the resources. Use the negotiations, policy and as a last army.

Control the new areas, take care of standard of living and security of your people. Every era offers exciting and demanding challenges. We start from the stone age, when you have to work and think of new technologies and types of buildings. Your progress leads to the next era. Think how to expand the sprawling city, try to become the ruler of the entire continent

Forge Of Empires tends to devote time to research and development. New developments give access to advanced units, rare goods and spectacular buildings. Lead your Kingdom by unknown eras and the history of humanity.

Forge Of Empires is not just to build, remember that the more you have, the more people looking at you. Watch out for enemy attacks and hostile neighbours. Fight dynamic battles with the invaders, use of modern weapons and powerful combat units. Take part in fascinating PvP duels with your friends.

Play the Forge of Empires and create unforgettable Kingdom now!

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