Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Game category: Simulations Strategies

Play Goodgame Empire for free and join other simulation fans online. This is a typical browser game, where the goal is to build from the scratch and manage your own empire.

You have a huge area to explore, use maps to choose a convenient location for your own city. Think about it carefully, the terrain and the neighborhood have a huge impact on the future and development of your people. Build new cottages and shelters, so in the future the village change into a great castle.

Do some alliances, negotiate and talk with other players online, you can create a larger group, that allows you to conquer new terrains and smaller cities of the other players. Consider whether it is worthwhile to attack neighbors, maybe it is better to organize an expedition for further areas of the map. Do everything so your empire develop as fast as possible, invest in the army that will defend by the enemy attack. Goodgame Empire is one of the best building simulation of recent times. The game brings together a lot of people, the advantage is that it is free and does not require downloading big files or huge installations.

Play Goodgame Empire and try to create unforgettable kingdom.

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