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Ikariam is an online strategy game, where the goal is to build your own empire. Join for free the ancient world and start the adventure without the installation and download additional files, the game runs in a simply Web browser. At the beginning you have a small piece of land, located on the beautiful green coast. Your goal is to change it into a city inhabited by happy people.

Resources are deployed all over the world: building materials, wine, sulphur, crystal and marble. Search resources necessary to build houses, select employees who will provide useful things. Create an academy, which aims to discover new inventions, create a strong army barracks where you can train powerful soldiers. Think about the port, which will allow you to trade with other players.

Ikariam offers four loyal advisers, who shall promptly inform you about news and important events. The game gives you the ability to change game view, from the view of the world, through the map of the island, and the city.

Play for free and start building a new empire in Ikariam. Remember that the nation is working and developing in the absence of the player. Think of alliances and new friends. Make the commercial treaties, and fight for the independence of the Kingdom.

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