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RaiderZ is a cool action game where you fight with dragons and great monsters. You can play it for free, without any payments. It offers huge world dominated by fearsome beasts, where you need to survive. Join other MMO enthusiasts for free and hunt for colossal monsters. Beware, all that weird characters are ready to eat you alive, no matter where you are.

RaiderZ is characterized by really good graphics, so battle scenes are outstanding. First you choose your character, customize his preferences and possibilities. Choose different types of weapons and combat styles. Do you want to be The Defender, The Cleric, The Berserker or The Sorcerer? Each of them has specific skills, for example Berserker gives huge damage during the battle but he is really slow, Cleric can heal, Sorcerer focuses on ice and fire damage.

Explore the wonders of Rendel, take part in a great quests and missions. Fight with monsters and use their body parts, such as horns as your weapons. Join RaiderZ for free and play with other players online.

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