Rail Nation

Rail Nation

Game category: Simulations Strategies

How many times you have criticized the railways for the fact that another train is late, there are bugs in the carriages, and compartments are so crowded that passengers enjoy even with standing places? If you think that you can manage trains more effectively, we have the job for you. Join for free to the other online players of Rail Nation, addictive browser game with many features and a pleasant layout.

In Rail Nation you need to solve the problem about annoyed passengers and growing competition. Dozens of players on each server want to prove that they are able to provide the latest technology, the fastest goods transport and the best tasks execution. Thanks to this free online game you can manage all the aspects of train corporation. Think about new carriages, finances, connections and other important in this business things.

In order to succeed you need to properly manage your resources. At the beginning it is not easy, but after some time you can stand on the head of the powerful rail empire. Try to beat the competition, destroy or buy enemy’s companies. Rail Nation is a browser game that does not require to have powerful computers. The simulator requires a strategic skills, creative thinking and economic sense. If you are sure that this set of features characterizes you, start to manage railways and trains.

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