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Shaiya is a free MMO game, that takes place in a mysterious fantasy world. This adventure offers an amazing dynamic battles in PvP and RvR modes, and intensive PvE. Shayia is very interesting, it implements powerful system of gild. The case of MMORPGs is to choose your own character and develop it over time. Learn new things, fight with the enemy, try to achieve status of legend.

Shaiya has a large number of various weapons. It depends on you which one you take to fight, prepare to the greatest tour in the world of fantasy. Think about the equipment, use hundreds of skills, all of this make it possible to beat other online players. The game offers a very refined, great maps with mystical virtual 3D world, frightening dungeons, many treasures to find, old ruins, etc.

Join other fans of adventure games for free, play Shaiya and support one of the parties, create a new story. See the fight between light and darkness, are you able to change the fate?

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