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Travian is a free browser game, where the goal is to build your own city. Take the time to develop, improve and replace it in the great empire. Fight for new areas and dominance. Travian is a very addictive strategy game, where you play with thousands of other online players. It is considered to be the most popular game on the Web.

Think about new strategy and build new settlement, work on new buildings and objects. When your city begin to attract the attention, think about the army, that will bravely defend your possessions. Search for allies and fight the enemy. Watch around and adjacent settlements, you never know what they plan. Conquer other settlements and change them into a great empires. Analyze events occurring in the area of the city.

Create new forests, fields and coal mines, all that to increase your resources and valuable materials. Trade with other players, earned money set aside for the development of the army and schools. Everything you do should be thought out, think about what is most important at the time. Upgrade infrastructure, invest in research to beat the competition.

Everything that happens is pointed in public ratings. Play Travian for free and try to be at the top.

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