World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

Game category: Simulations Strategies

What does it take to become an aircraft pilot? Pass a variety of tests to obtain a license, demonstrate physical fitness and have a valid medical examination... or run new simulation World of Warplanes. In this case, you need to have a computer and a lot of enthusiasm for the elimination of sky enemies. This full high-speed machines game is a great fun and a unique opportunity to fly dozens of unusual aircraft models. Forget about reality and take control of classic war units.

World of Warplanes MMO is a game focused on fighting in the air. The game is not limited to start engines and fire on enemies flying next to you. You will find an extensive career mode here that guides you through the whole era of aviation. World of Warplanes is more than just a simple airplanes shooter. You can get behind the controls of machines that cut through the clouds in the thirties, and then change cockpit to the latest jet fighters.

Aircraft models not only differ in appearance. Each of them has different flight characteristics and battlefield behavior. All machines are divided into three classes: single-engine light fighters, heavy fighters and aircraft specialized in attacking ground targets. The first perfectly suits the rapid exchange of fire, the second is practically flying tanks, a third leave behind only incinerated ground. Which one will you choose?

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